фитокурорт Лоза Хутор, пос. Сукко

At the beginning of the Caucasus mountains, where mild Mediterranean climate, on the first line from the legendary "Utrish" reserve, five kilometers from the black sea coast, conveniently located year-round picocurie "Vine farm" – centre for ecological and gastronomic tourism. Picocurie "Vine farm" has a special concentration of positive energy, is a place of power and peace, where quiet, calm and the sun shines 300 days a year. We offer an excl... Learn more


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  • Тариф лето 2021

    В стоимсость входит парковка,  халат, тапочки, фен, пользование бассейном, утюг. ...

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  • Длительное проживание

  • Бесплатные ночи



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